Melbourne’s Cannoli Bar Is Now Selling DIY Cannoli Kits

Written for Broadsheet Cannoli Bar came to be when friends Carlo Mellini and Anthony Calenda decided to sell cannoli and biscotti in the suburb where they grew up – Avondale Heights in Melbourne’s north-west. The name is a nod to the mid-century milk bar the cannolificio has operated in since 2018. It’s on a quiet residential street, but… Continue reading Melbourne’s Cannoli Bar Is Now Selling DIY Cannoli Kits

Now Open: A Tiny Cannoli Shop Hidden Inside South Melbourne Market

Italian-born Giorgio Linguanti has been hand-making burrata, mozzarella, ricotta and more since founding Thomastown cheese factory and shop That’s Amore in 2008. After a number of years churning milk, his Sicilian heritage inspired him to develop Cannoleria by That’s Amore – a sister business devoted to the iconic Sicilian dessert. Until now, Melburnians could only purchase these… Continue reading Now Open: A Tiny Cannoli Shop Hidden Inside South Melbourne Market

A Cannolificio (Cannoli Bar) for the North-West

Written for Broadsheet Melbourne “My passion for cannoli started when I was little,” says Cannoli Bar co-owner Carlo Mellini. Growing up in Italy, every Sunday his nonno would bring the family a box of Sicilian desserts. “The ricotta cannoli,” he says. “That was always my favourite.” Before moving to Australia, Mellini’s father Achille worked at… Continue reading A Cannolificio (Cannoli Bar) for the North-West