Tumnus Is Airbnb for Sharing Clothes

Written for Broadsheet Sydney-based stylist Shanya Suppasiritad didn’t realise how damaging the fashion industry was until she watched The True Cost – an eye-opening documentary exploring the decreasing price of clothing against the growing societal and environmental costs, such as the impact of low wages and poor conditions on factory workers and pollution caused by mass clothing… Continue reading Tumnus Is Airbnb for Sharing Clothes

This Black Mirror dating app determines your relationship expiry date

Written for Fashion Journal Find out if your relationship stands the test of time. Coach, a (creepy) web app inspired by an episode in season four of Netflix’s Black Mirror, has been created to calculate your relationship expiry date. Black Mirror’s ‘Hang the DJ’ episode revolves around a Tinder-like dating app that pairs people off… Continue reading This Black Mirror dating app determines your relationship expiry date

Apia partners with Five Good Friends Help App

Posted to City Journal Online Over 50s insurer Apia has joined in-home health care service Five Good Friends to help alleviate the pressures facing Australia’s ageing population. A study has found that 97 per cent of Australians feel it is important to be in their own home as they age. The in-home care service Help… Continue reading Apia partners with Five Good Friends Help App