This Black Mirror dating app determines your relationship expiry date

Written for Fashion Journal

Find out if your relationship stands the test of time.

Coach, a (creepy) web app inspired by an episode in season four of Netflix’s Black Mirror, has been created to calculate your relationship expiry date.

Black Mirror’s ‘Hang the DJ’ episode revolves around a Tinder-like dating app that pairs people off into romantic relationships, using data to determine each person’s ‘ultimate compatible other’.

So, how does it work? Head to this website and send the custom link you are given to your significant other.

Coach will then ask both of you to click the fingerprint on your respective devices within a 5-second time frame (a true test of reaction times). At the end of the lengthy (and overly dramatic) calculating process, you’ll receive the time left before relationship doomsday.

If you’re currently reflecting on the poor Valentine’s Day efforts of your significant other, now might be the time to give this app a shot.

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