Ride2School Day – Active Transport as a ‘simple’ solution to low levels of physical activity in children

Tomorrow more than 2,300 schools will participate in National Ride2School Day. The initiative by The Bicycle Network has gained popularity since it’s first event in 2006.

The event encourages physical activity in young children with 350,000 participants Australia-wide registered for tomorrow’s event.

Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia and Lead Author of Active Healthy Kids Australia’s Physical Activity Report Card, Dr Natasha Schranz describes the significance of this day in the national calendar as a way to bring light to active transport.

‘The day empowers children who don’t normally ride to school – it is an activity that is novel and fun,’ says Dr Schranz.

Parents are able to gauge a sense of their child’s independence and confidence in their ability.’

As well as it’s physical benefits, the day is a great social event – giving children the opportunity to meet up and chat with their friends before school.

‘It is important to give children the opportunity to be active in unstructured time – on their own terms,’ says Dr Natasha Schranz.

She also suggests when influencing children to participate in physical activity it is important to keep things simple. Children have to go to school; therefore active transport is a great way to get them moving.

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