Now Open: A Whimsical, Labyrinthine Cafe in a 150-Year-Old Former Auto Parts Shop

Written for Broadsheet On a street corner in Ascot Vale, past a grand old green and ivory facade, is a whimsical new cafe laced with old-world charm. In some ways, Old Man Drew is a labyrinth mistaken for a cafe; it takes more than a few (panicked) moments to spot my friends for brunch. The… Continue reading Now Open: A Whimsical, Labyrinthine Cafe in a 150-Year-Old Former Auto Parts Shop


Written for Art Edit VICTORIAN-BORN ARTIST Geoff Todd’s father, a dairy farmer, would spend his morning tea break completing crosswords in the daily newspaper, sketching in the margins as a way to resist young Geoff’s chatter. It was from here that Geoff’s own artistic flare took flight. His first solo exhibition was held in 1969… Continue reading ARTIST PROFILE: GEOFF TODD


Written for Art Edit AS A CHILD, Gold Coast-based artist Annette Raff would draw to keep herself entertained, tossing each drawing aside as the fun was in the ‘doing’ rather than the finished piece. “My parents joke that I drew before I walked,” she says. That said, Annette’s pathway to becoming an artist hasn’t been entirely… Continue reading ARTIST PROFILE: ANNETTE RAFF


Written for Art Edit SYDNEY-BORN ARTIST David Pavich is drawn towards the vastness and variety of the Australian landscape. “There are the harsh, dry, arid regions of Australia, which provide an eerie atmosphere,” he says. “And other times lush regions, which generate certain feelings of paradise.” His paintings are built up from layers of oil paint, but… Continue reading ARTIST PROFILE: DAVID PAVICH


Written for Art Edit “I FIND BEING an artist is like having a diary for the world to view,” says South Australian artist Angus Martin. The painter – whose practice revolves around fluid figures and lines strong enough to move Matisse himself – uses his craft to capture the feelings that arise from love and relationships. The… Continue reading ARTIST PROFILE: ANGUS MARTIN

Now Open: Thai Street Food in a Buzzing Hawker-Style Diner

Written for Broadsheet Step off Bourke Street and into Isan Soul and you’re immediately hit with the smell of Thai herbs, curries and smoke from the charcoal grill. Tables buzz with chatter, and the shelves are crammed with knick-knacks such as old cassettes, gumball machines, baskets, vintage soft drink signs, china plates, bottles, radios, toys… Continue reading Now Open: Thai Street Food in a Buzzing Hawker-Style Diner

Now Open: Melbourne Label Elka Collective’s Resort-Esque New Flagship Store

Written for Broadsheet Elka Collective first launched online in 2015 and is by designer Courtney Price, whose pieces combine natural fibres with different textures to create beautifully constructed, timeless garments for women. In 2017, Elka was bought by Brand Collective – which also owns Mossimo, Superdry and others – and Price transitioned to a freelance… Continue reading Now Open: Melbourne Label Elka Collective’s Resort-Esque New Flagship Store