Sttoke: A Sleek Reusable Cup With a Shatterproof Design

Written for Broadsheet Takeaway coffee is a disaster. While most people believe they’re recyclable, the thin polyethylene film on the inside of most cups means they go straight to landfill. And, globally, that pile of paper and plastic grows by the billions every year. But, thanks to the efforts of shows such as the ABC’s War on… Continue reading Sttoke: A Sleek Reusable Cup With a Shatterproof Design

Grossi’s Pezzo to Start Free Fridays This Week

Written for Broadsheet Guy Grossi’s Pezzo is launching a new weekly special. Free Fridays begin this week at the Flinders Lane pizza-pocket shop, offering customers a giveaway item with every pezzo purchased, such as free hot chips, ice-cream sandwiches, soft drinks or bomboloni. To kick things off, Pezzo is giving away 100 free pezzi this… Continue reading Grossi’s Pezzo to Start Free Fridays This Week

Free Coffee for National Recycling Week

Written for Broadsheet All you need is your reusable coffee cup. Two Melbourne cafes, Lights in the Attic and The Crux & Co., are giving away free takeaway coffee next week for anyone who brings their own reusable cup. In support of National Recycling Week, the two cafes and sustainable coffee cup company Frank Green… Continue reading Free Coffee for National Recycling Week