Artist Profile: Katie Ravich

Written for Art Edit

Artist Katie Ravich spent much of her childhood exploring the beach and bushland close to home. “I loved to [make] miniature worlds with mosses, leaf litter and sticks and house cicada shells and Christmas beetles beneath these creations,” she says. “I think this is where my fascination with studying the miniature landscape beneath me began.”

Katie specialises in oil paintings of micro-landscapes; each work uncovers nature’s rich language of texture, colour and form. The artist’s inspiration comes from photos of textures taken on her travels; like an ancient rock face in Pompeii, a flourish of flowers in a Scottish walled-garden or corals washed up on a remote Tasmanian beach.

While Katie’s Bachelor of Design from the University of Technology Sydney has given her a solid foundation in drawing and design, her painting is predominantly self-taught. “What I mostly take from that training is a deep understanding of balance and harmony in both form and colour,” she explains. “I want the viewer to experience the beauty and alchemy of landscapes.”

Much of the artist’s work is done on a commission basis. “I like to take [clients] through a process to find out what their story is and what kinds of landscapes they think represents them,” Katie says. A recent commission, Barry’s Story, became a 16-panel piece showing the places where the client is most at peace and the happiest: in his garden and swimming at the beach. Through Katie’s Give Art Create Heart program, she also gives clients the choice to pass on generosity through their purchase. “I give a percentage of the sale of the work to an individual, charity or group that means something to them,” she says.

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