Hummm Is a New Aussie Skincare Label Out to Streamline Your Self-Care Regime

Written for Broadsheet

Getting your skincare routine right can be overwhelming, but a bathroom cabinet full of products can be counterproductive, and not great for your wallet, either.

That’s why Melbourne-born skincare label Hummm has created a two-step range that’s all about simplifying your daily skincare regime.

Hummm is by interior designer Emma Vaughan and Zoë Rubino (former front-of-house manager at Supernormal, and now co-owner of Rocco’s Bologna Discoteca), who were looking for a way to make their skincare routines easier.

“We wanted to build something that we believed in,” says Vaughan. “So we just sort of built the dream scenario and worked backwards.”

The duo partnered with a local biochemist to launch just two products – a face oil and a peptide serum – in December last year, after spending two years researching ingredients.

“We’d line up every single oil that you could possibly think of and blend them together. And we’d smell it, feel it and see how long it would take to absorb,” says Vaughan. “It might’ve been perfect for 10 of those steps, but then the smell changed – and that was incredibly important to us. I guess it was a process of elimination.”

The serum ($98) is made with native botanicals, including Kakadu plum, wattle seed and finger lime, and gentle alpha hydroxy acids (water-soluble acids that can help to exfoliate your skin). The face oil ($75) is made with avocado, rosehip, baobab and rose geranium oils. You’ll just need to BYO cleanser.

As for the name, Vaughan and Rubino say Hummm is a nod to the meditative ritual of looking after your skin.

“As a mum I have very little time to myself, so I appreciate [a self-care routine] more than ever,” Vaughn says. “It’s those tiny moments in the morning where I can go and take my coffee from the kitchen to the bathroom and just put my oil on.”

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