Donna Sheridan Is a Fitzroy Hair Salon Specialising in Effortless, ’70s-Era Cuts (and Bangs)

Written for Broadsheet

Before opening a shop of her own, hairdresser Donna Sheridan was working at a chain salon. “There was no real growth or direction or freedom there, when you have client after client,” she says.

So, in 2016 Sheridan converted an old bathroom in a shared Collingwood warehouse space into a little studio. “It really took off,” she says. “I was just going to work in there part-time, but so quickly lots of people wanted to come for the one-on-one experience.”

The following year, Sheridan opened her namesake salon in a Fitzroy backstreet and continued honing a signature style that’s all about effortless, natural styles with a ’70s edge. Think Bridget Bardot’s soft, split bangs and messy up-dos; Farrah Fawcett’s feathery waves; Jane Birkin and Joni Mitchell’s brow-skimming bangs and Jane Fonda’s iconic shaggy, layered look.

“The ’70s was an era where more people were experimenting with new things,” Sheridan says. “The women’s rights movement made significant strides during this decade and women were expressing themselves radically in very innovative, cool and sexy ways. Thankfully resulting in some incredibly iconic looks still relevant today.”

The team is dedicated to a one-on-one experience, which means stylists will give you their full attention without dancing between other clients.

“We spend a lot of time finding out the best style to suit our customers – the perfect fringe length, layers and length to highlight their face,” she says. “It’s my favourite part about the job because we can create true expression. And customers walk out feeling sexy and confident. Maybe it’s that ’70s mentality shining through.”

Donna Sheridan is part of Sustainable Salons, a program that repurposes salon waste and donates the proceeds to charities. Recycling bins separate paper, plastics, hair, metal and chemicals, and plastics are later recycled into new product packaging and outdoor furniture, hair clippings can be used in compost, and ponytails are turned into wigs for cancer and alopecia sufferers.

An exposed brick wall highlights the blonde timber and camel-coloured leather seating of the salon. Rattan furniture and greenery – including an impressively tall fiddle-leaf fig – add softness to the otherwise white-walled space.

Tea is by The Fitzroy Naturopath and coffee comes from Pods & Parcels who specialise in biodegradable coffee pods.

“I’m just really conscious to create a really relaxed environment,” Sheridan says. “Not only for the clients, but also for the girls that work here.”

Donna Sheridan
71 Kerr Street, Fitzroy
(03) 8415 1348

Mon 10am–5pm
Tue & Thu 9am–8pm
Wed 9am–6pm
Fri & Sat 9am–5pm

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