Maker Fine Coffee

Written for Broadsheet

Maker Fine Coffee acts as a cellar door for coffee drinkers, with baristas and roasters on hand to answer any coffee-related questions. From source of origin, to cupping and roasting processes, transparency is an important part of the business for owners Stephanie and John Vroom.

The Vrooms, both industry veterans, don’t believe in blends. They think that with the right attention paid to sourcing, roasting and cupping, single-origin brews can be just as well-rounded and flavoursome as those mixing multiple locations. On any given day, there are at least five single-origin batch (percolator) brews to choose from, available black or with milk. The Maven (Colombia) and The Smith (Brazil) are roasts that can be purchased all year round, alongside filter options and cold drip. Maker Fine Coffee also serves its own brand of carbonated coffee, North St, on tap.

Besides coffee, there’s hot chocolate by Mörk Chocolate, Prana Chai and orange juice by Miller’s Organic Farm. Other diversions include doughnuts from Shortstop Coffee and Donuts, Noisette danishes and “pruffles” (protein truffles) by Oh! So Good Foods. Pulled-pork toasties, smashed avo and health bowls make up the simple to-order menu.

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