6 reasons to join a sports team as an adult

Written for Fashion Journal

No more excuses.

We’ve all got that friend that can’t make Sunday brunch because it’s game day. Or isn’t available for a mid-week coffee catch up because they’ve got training. I am that friend.

For the past 10 years I’ve been playing soccer, and as enthusiastic as I am about it, it’s been hard to convince some people that it really is a great way to invest your time.

Yes, it can be daunting. Entering a team where you don’t know anyone or wondering if you have the skills to make the cut are scary thoughts. But chances are your local community club will be more than accommodating. And let’s face it, at this age you aren’t setting out the be the next Olympian, it’s all in a bit of fun.

Here are six reasons to dust off those boots and rock that ponytail again.

Step out of the office and onto the field

Unlike the lively and younger versions of ourselves, these days most of us spend our time at work. The typical 9-5 job, seated all day – and when we do finally get home, we find ourselves sinking into the couch. A team sport drags you off the lounge and gets you moving.

Smell the fresh air

The dwindling motivation that comes with mid-year can be hard to overcome when you’re seated by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. However, with the overarching thought of letting the team down, a team sport is an opportunity to get outside during the week – especially in the cooler weather.

Make unexpected buddies

Once you turn 18, you’re more likely to fall into the open age group category which means making friends of different ages isn’t uncommon. I’ve got talented buddies still in high school and others are married – it’s an exciting and eclectic mix.

Sweat it out

Stress only increases with age, which is why running around a pitch is a great way to relieve the pressures of life. After a long day at work or a tough day at home, some fresh grass and a ball at my feet is the perfect relief. Who needs yoga?

Create a family

With team sports comes team players. I spend six hours a week with my teammates which is sometimes more than I can say about family and friends. We’ve become so close, as each week we endure wins, losses, injuries and unforgettable moments. Like work colleagues, these guys become your go-tos for gossip and vent sessions, all with a common goal: to kick the other team’s butt. 

Explore your city

If you’re not huge on the exercise or the new friends aspect of team sports, perhaps an adventure is more up your alley. Game days are often spent travelling to rival teams’ grounds in outer suburbs or nearby country towns which means two things… Sunday farmers markets and small-town bakeries.

No more excuses, sign up before the season is out.

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