A rare Banksy exhibition is headed to London

Written for Fashion Journal

Satire, dark humour and irony. If Banksy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words, then you need to verse yourself in his latest exhibition. A rare collection of the controversial artist’s works are set to go on display at London’s Lazinc gallery next month.

The exhibition, titled Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008, will present Banksy’s social and political comments through stencilled canvases, paintings and limited-edition prints.

Some of his best-known works including ‘Girl and Balloon’, ‘Love Is In The Air’ and ‘Show Me the Monet’ will also be on show. It’s all made possible by the co-founder of Lazinc, Steve Lazarides, who worked with Banksy for a decade as his agent.

For those travelling Europe mid-year, the exhibition is on display at Lazinc in London from July 12 to August 25. The rest of us can keep our fingers crossed for an Australian exhibition sometime soon.



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