Diet Prada calls out Virgil Abloh for his IKEA collaboration

Written for Fashion Journal

Ripped off.

Off-White’s Virgil Abloh could be in hot water, after being called out for copying a chair design ­as part of his collaborative MARKERAD project with IKEA.

During an IKEA workshop last month, Abloh and IKEA creative leader Henrik Most described their design inspiration as elevating a chair so it ‘feels more like an art object than a typical chair.’

But Instagram account Diet Prada is not buying it. As highlighted in a post, that ‘typical chair’ is actually an iconic mid-century design by furniture designer Paul McCobb. Almost identical, Abloh’s design has an additional doorstop detail to one of the legs.

Known for calling out copycats in the industry, Diet Prada gives the fashion designer a solid nudge, suggesting that ‘it would actually be much more interesting to know the sources of your “inspiration”…especially if they’re this iconic.’

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