Juicy Couture and Swarovski join forces for an outrageous athleisure collection

Written for Fashion Journal

Sparkles, sparkles everywhere.

Juicy Couture’s latest activewear collection is crystal encrusted and screams Y2K Paris Hilton. And it’ll almost cost you her current net worth to get your hands on.

In collaboration with Swarovski, the iconic brand has released a $33,405 crystal-covered jumpsuit.

The release also includes embellished tracksuits, jumpsuits, shorts and crop tops, all finished with Juicy Couture’s signature logo.

A pair of Swarovski-embellished shorts will set you back an affordable $2,663 but, if money is tight this month, you might prefer the baby pink hoodie at $1,403. Making your purchase that little bit extra, is the option to customise each piece with your name on the back.

The first drop of the collection is available now on Farfetch, while the Swarovski-covered jumpsuit will be available later this year.


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