Instagram introduces a shopping feature and goodbye money

Written for Fashion Journal

Wave goodbye to those savings.

Instagram’s latest shopping feature – released in Australia yesterday – saves the hard work of hunting down your favourite pieces, by allowing brands to tag products directly in the app.

Gone are the days of screenshotting your fave outfits, putting in the hard yards to track them down, and then realising the price and backing away slowly.

Tapping on tagged images now delivers instant product details, pricing and links to brands’ websites.

In Australia, major retailers such as Myer and Country Road are among the first few to adopt the new technology, with other retailers jumping on board fast.

Brands already participating will have a shopping basket icon in the corner of their images (FYI – you’ll need to update your app to see what all the fuss is about).

Check out the below post on mobile to test out the new feature.

Happy shopping.

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