Written for Fashion Journal

Sugar high.

Sweet tooths rejoice, New York City is about to get its very own museum dedicated to all things sugary sweet. And now you have the perfect reason to organise that overdue trip to the Big (toffee) Apple.

With 15 experiential rooms of candy craziness, the aptly-titled Museum of Candy plans to host the world’s largest gummy bear and a life-sized edible unicorn. Insta-worthy lolly walls and murals are also expected.

A trip down ‘Candy Lane’ will take visitors through the history of an industry that began in the 1900s. A dessert market and lolly tasting stations are looking to be the museum highlights.

It’s all being run by Sugar Factory, which wowed the world with the Museum of Ice Cream in New York in 2016. The exhibit has since travelled to Miami, LA and San Francisco – a pool filled with close to 100 million sprinkles in tow.

More information and ticket sales will be available when the site goes live.