A Snack-Dispensing Video Game Arcade

Written for Broadsheet

Ever played Donkey Kong when you’re hungry and felt an overwhelming desire for bananas? Neither have we. But, now that we’ve mentioned it, you might.

Snackade is the latest venture from the Brunswick crew behind Jafflechutes – that airborne toastie pop-up from a few years ago

Their new concept is an art-cum-food-cum-gaming installation that brings together your favourite retro video games with their respective snacks.

“It’s essentially like a big video game arcade where you can play retro video games,” Snackade co-founder Adam Grant tells Broadsheet. “The difference is as you collect power-ups in the game, they actually spit out of the machine from a conveyor belt in real life.”

So if you’re playing Donkey Kong Country, banana lollies shoot out. Super Mario Brothers? Dozens of chocolate coins, and the occasional mushroom. Other games include Super Quackshot and Superbonk.

“Pac-Man was another big inspiration. That game’s all about eating stuff, so quite well-suited for Snackade,” Grant says.

How does it work?

“There are a couple of people that watch the game and then pop the snacks on to the conveyor belt as they pick them up on the video game.” The aim was for the food delivery to look as close to animation as possible.

“I guess it’s kind of obvious to most people that there’s a few human hands in there.”

Snackade debuted at Sugar Mountain in January but the team doesn’t yet have any plans for its next appearance.

“We’re looking around at different community festivals, video game events, that kind of thing.”

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