Drink4Uganda at The Lincoln

Written for Broadsheet

Drink up to donate.
Five bars will unite at The Lincoln in Carlton to raise funds for 663toZERO’s vision for clean water for Uganda.

Product designer Mitch Horrocks has developed a device to make safe drinking water for families in rural villages. Horrocks is aiming to raise $30,000 to set up a workshop in Uganda that will employ and up-skill local people.

Made from sheet metal that kills pathogens and diseases in the water, the device sits above a pot and uses the energy from cooking to heat the water to boiling point, maximising fuel efficiency.

The Beaufort, Union Electric, Jungle Boy, Bad Frankie and Black Pearl will come together with stock donated by suppliers to ensure all proceeds go towards the cause. Each bar crew will have a 45-minute stint to make as many drinks as they can. Raffle prizes will also be drawn throughout the evening.

Entry is free but donations are welcome.

From 3pm to 12am.

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