Dog Photog “L’artiste” Pop-Up

Written for Broadsheet

Capture your pup’s inner artiste.
Our pooches are creating masterpieces everyday – the giant holes in the backyard, the montage of ripped toilet paper in the hallway – so its time to truly embrace and show off their creative sides.

Design collective Lamington Drive is bringing a dog photography shoot and accompanying group show to Collingwood.

Breton stripes, red neckerchiefs and felt berets will be provided to create a shot deserving of a spot on the mantelpiece.

The Les Chiens group show features six Melbourne artists in celebration of our beloved pets – curated by Dog Photog Studios.

Illustrator and graphic designer Max Blackmore’s whippet will feature in his interpretation of The Simpsons house.

Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Evie Cahir will showcase her “brain dumps” – a scattered illustration of people and their best (furry) friends. Photographer Heather Lighton’s Girlfriends illustrates the intimate relationships people have with their dogs.

Melbourne designer Alice Oehr is presenting her pair of Pomeranians and a dachshund. And artist Minna Leunig’s ink on paper work Hounds On The Prowl, depicts a pack of prowling and howling pups.

The exhibition opens Wednesday November 22 from 6 to 9pm. The Les Chiens show runs from November 23 to December 2.

The portrait price per dog includes the photography session and two screen resolution jpg of your choice.

Art prints will be available to order.

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