Half-Baked (not quite) Whisky at Bad Frankie

Written for Broadsheet

Whisky straight from the cask.
Fitzroy bar Bad Frankie – which specialises in Australian spirits – is hosting a tasting night where four new distilleries will draw their barely aged whiskies straight from the cask.

US distillers call this whisky “white dog”. The un-aged malt spirit is typically sweet and fragrant and isn’t as rich as an aged whisky.

Kristy Booth-Lark from Killara Distillery in Tasmania, Dean Druce from Corowa Distillery in New South Wales, Adam Pinkard from Adam’s Distillery in Tasmania and Martin Pye from Riverbourne in New South Wales will share their spirits and their stories at the event.

Come for insight into the whisky-making process and to be one of the first to try the whiskies before they launch.

Tickets include a welcome beer and a jaffle (another Bad Frankie specialty) on arrival.

From 1pm to 3pm.

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