Written for Broadsheet

Affordable accessories from small designers.
Online jewelry store Maxine McQueen turns one this month and to celebrate it will launch a pop-up shop in Collingwood.

Maxine McQueen is a local-run platform for buying and selling products such as pieces from international and local designers Droplet, Kitsu, Young Frankk, Nylons, Reliquia and Anna Davern.

An official launch party will double as the site’s first birthday celebration. There will be cocktails, giveaways and a performance by Melbourne punk band Shit Bitch.

The pop-up shop will act as a try-before-you-buy location to make getting ring sizes and face shapes right a little bit easier. Browse through founder Maxine Tuyau’s selection of new and classic pieces including earrings, rings, chokers and bracelets.

Prints, T-shirts and other work from local artists Daisy Caterrall, Michelle Pereira, Caitlin She, Juliet Rowe, Celeste Magee and Clare Ellison Jakes will also be available in store.

Birthday celebrations go from 7pm to 10pm on Friday November 17.

More information here.

The pop-up shop will be open from Saturday November 18 to Tuesday November 24.