Carwyn Cellars Has Made a Very Aussie Advent Calendar

Written for Broadsheet Melbourne

Rather than forcing your way through tiny cardboard windows for old chocolate, grab a box cutter and rip open a coldie this Christmas season.

Carwyn Cellars has launched the Canvent Calendar, a slab-sized advent calendar with 24 cans of Australian craft beer hiding behind Jesus and his mates.

If you leave it out in the sun all you’re going to have to worry about is warm beer rather than melted disappointment. Fights with siblings are still possible, though.

Half the tins are limited release and cover a broad range of styles. Big hops, malt, high ABV and sours all feature.

Each calendar comes wrapped in plain packaging if you want to surprise a friend, and a personalised note can be included if you wish.

If you happen to miss a day, save it for Santa’s visit and help him wash down those cookies on Christmas Eve.

Be quick, though. The Canvent Calendars are extremely limited and presales open Friday October 27 at 9am. Order yours here.

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