How to Open your Own Gelateria

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Traditional Italian Gelato is world renowned for its full flavours and crisp taste. As gelato has started to gain larger exposure demand for one of Italy’s largest exports has grown to a global scale. This has created numerous business opportunities in countries all throughout the world, however very few businesses has found the right formula to opening a successful independent gelateria.

With extensive experience in not only the art of authentic Italian gelato, but also in assisting successful start up gelaterias develop a successful business.

Below are some basic steps that are the key to running a successful independent gelateria.

  1. Learn how to make world class Italian gelato

There is no point in opening a store unless you have a product that will drive sales. With increased competition in this space your gelato will need to perfect to stand out in the market. Authentic Italian Gelato is an art form that requires astute knowledge and skill. The best way to perfect this art is to take Manuelina Culinary’s 1 week intensive course – Artisan Gelato. Under the guidance of the best Master Gelato Makers in Italy, attendees will be given the tools to perfect the art of Italian gelato.

  1. Research

Attend trade shows, contact large chains, meet with suppliers and conduct extensive research to gain an understanding of the required equipment and sources for ingredients.

  1. Understand the competition

Research competing alternatives in the general area that you wish to run your business. Understanding the quality of their product, price point and unique value proposition will assist in effectively positioning your business.

  1. Develop a business plan

This is a comprehensive plan that outlines all areas of the business. This includes all equipments needs, an outline of expenses, sales estimates and marketing efforts to drive business.

  1. Select a suitable location

Even if you perfect the art of gelato making, it will be of little effect if there is no traffic to your store. Areas with increased foot traffic are ideal and ensure the area is not flooded with similar alternatives.

  1. Grand opening

In order to make an immediate impact the store opening needs to be a large scale event that drives excitement. Efforts to publicise this in the local community are important as once you get customers in once, you can be assured they will return if you deliver a world class product.

Starting your own business is a big decision that requires considerable effort. The important thing about this is to not go in blind and to understand all of the risks and elements that are required. If there are any areas of the business development that you are unsure of it is always advised that you seek help from industry experts to ensure that you have the best chance to succeed.

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