Sunday Penalty Rate Cuts: Vox pop

We asked people in the street for their opinion on The Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut Sunday penalty rates.


Pan Pan

img_1088.jpgI’m from the country – a working week is Monday to Friday. Weekends are for spending time with family. Businesses shouldn’t even be open.




blank-profile-picture-973460_960_720With the old policy, employees were lucky to be paid award rates. Hopefully this new system will mean more people are paid the correct wages as small businesses will have less pressure.




img_1090It is important for businesses to be open on the weekend for the sake of the economy. If you aren’t happy with the new rates, change your profession – work harder – tough!




Stimg_1091udents need to relax on the weekend. If they are required to work, they should receive penalty rates.



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